We, SNT Solution aim to become one of the most competitive manufacturers by satisfying customer demand for high resolution and creative design.

In the fast moving display market, we focus on the industrial display market and enhance to produce high-end display application. We offer highly specialized industrial display products with a complete line-up in both TFT-LCD and LED products.

Based on strong research and development, we aggressively develop and provide advanced technology to meet customers’ needs and inquiries.

To be a leading company of display market, we contribute to supply competitive products in high-technology under the strict quality control at production sites.

We are so sure that we have a high growth potential and capacity to fulfill customers’ interests and demands which grow rapidly towards new display technologies.

SNT Solution.



2009 ㅣ

2007 ㅣ

2005 ㅣ

Company’s name changed from Oraret to SNT Solution

Office moved to Garden Five Works in Mungjung-dong, Seoul

Performed export of 10 mil USD

Established Oraret